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AnimatedPics for Instagram

Looking for a new way of making your photo look great and special before posting it on Instagram? One pic and just few taps, you are ready to share the animated pic to your friends and impress your followers on Instagram. 

AnimatedPics is a powerful photo & video app to create 15 secs video with stunning & beautiful animations, and smooth panning & zooming effect for your pics. 

This is a new way to show people your photo with our specially designed opening animations such as “Rolling In”, “Bouncing”, “Mosaic”, and more. 

With the “Pan & Zoom” tool, you can easily set the panning area with your fingers from area A to area B on the picture, resulting a smooth panning & zooming animation. It is really simple to use, and you gonna download it and try it out!


Slo-Mo Share! f­or iPhone 5S - ­Share slow moti­on videos to In­stagram, whatsa­pp, and eleswhe­re

How to post iPh­one 5s slo-mo v­ideos to Instag­ram and elsewhe­re, or share it­ to your friends?

Here is an a­pp for you. 

S­lo-Mo Share! co­mpresses the sl­o-mo videos you­ recorded on yo­ur iPhone5s for­ you. It become­s a full length­ video with slo­w motion and ca­n be saved back­ to your camera­ roll. You can ­also share the ­compressed vide­o to Instagram,­ whatsapp, othe­r apps, other ­devices, or any­where you want!­

Video Support­:
This app is O­NLY for compres­sing Slo-Mo (Sl­ow Motion) Vide­os that recorde­d by the camera­ on “iPhone 5s”­.



Square FX - Resize, Fit Entire Photo, No Crop for Instagram


Bokeh Camera FX - Photo Image Effects for Instagram

Create awesome bokeh light effects to your photo with just few taps. InstaBokeh makes your photo beautiful, and you can get more likes by sharing it to your favourite social networks such as Instagram and twitter. To make it even better, you are freely to adjust the size and opacity of each light. Look at some examples in the screenshots below. Are you ready to create your own?

Cool Finger Faces

Photo Frame Maker HD

AutoPlay Youtube Video
Plays on iPhone, IPad, AppleTV, HDTV